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What is ZipLeaf?
What is ZipLeaf?

ZipLeaf is an easy to use website giving consumers the simple toolset's needed to find local companies in virtually any category. With over 6 years of experience in database driven web applications, the founders of ZipLeaf, Martin H. and Joe P., spent the last 4 years planning and developing the ZipLeaf network although it didn't originally start off as a global network of business directories.


Over the years ZipLeaf evolved from 2 different domain name (website address) changes, and most recently During this period, the ZipLeaf directory engine under went considerable changes and revisions every month, until finally in November 2008 the brand ZipLeaf was born. When brainstorming for short and catchy names, we wanted two things: easy to remember and one which would be available (domain extensions) for as many countries as possible. The term 'Zip' which basically means speedy or fast was an appropriate prefix. The word 'Leaf' stems from a tree was felt appropriate for what this website is, a directory which branches off into many categories/keywords ultimately resulting in end businesses (leaf's). The phrase ZipLeaf was a perfect name which described exactly what this site is about.


The software as it was being refined over the years became much more flexible, optimized, and light weight. When dealing with thousands (leading to millions) of database records, optimizing the databases became key in maintaining fast page loads and keeping the end user's experience as pleasant as possible. All the 'garbage' code was stripped out, several features removed and the end product was an amazing engine which we code named 'Opacia' (pronounced "oh-pay-sha"). Although our software is optimized, dealing with many web sites with large databases does require a significant amount of computing power. All our sites run on top of the line Intel Quad Core Servers, 8GB RAM, 15K RPM hard drives. These server specifications might not compare to some other larger sites, but again it all goes back to optimizations and how well the software is written.


The future of ZipLeaf is simple. We will continue to add in new features for businesses to utilize as well as launching new directories in other markets. All our sites are 100% free to use for end users making ZipLeaf a valuable asset to business growth which is why we are vigorously working on launching to other countries.


ZipLeaf is 100% privately funded by the founders of Netcode, Inc. This ensures we have complete control over day to day operations as well no interference on any level from any third-party. ZipLeaf is a proud passion project of the founders of Netcode, Inc.


Any questions or comments can be directed to customer service. We love feedback!